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Welcome to the website a trading division of the Carr Parts Group

The Carr Parts Group was created as an Internet based company focussed on providing a huge range of products at competitive prices for a wide range of vehicles, backed up by great service and a secure, friendly, and easy-to-use internet shopping experience.

Specialist Websites

Within the Carr Parts Group are a number of websites each designed for a specific purpose.

Currently we manage the following websites: for new Jaguar models for Classic Jaguar models for Peugeot models for Citroen models for Volkswagen models for Land Rover models for all makes and models for all styling products for all induction kits

Our whole philosophy is to ensure that you, the customer, is confident that as you are spending your money you must be sure that the part you order is going to be the right part for your car. There are too many websites where you are expected to work out which part is for whatever model and eventually see is a product listed for multiple vehicles.

All of the sites are managed by our robust and comprehensive 'back-office' system which automates many of the administration functions, helping us keep costs down and so passing savings to you.

Simple, Easy-To-Use, Secure

The sites have been designed to be simple and easy-to-use and (most importantly) secure. We have designed the system in such a way we do not see (or have access to) your credit/debit card details. When you go though our buying process you are actually taken to the Royal Bank of Scotland's Worldpay system to make your payment. The payment process will have the look and feel of whichever website of ours you use and you can be confident the RBS Worldpay system is one of the most secure in the world.

Internet Fraud

Fraud is a growing problem with Internet shopping so we have designed some of our own security checks in order to protect you as the customer and us as the supplier.

Open all day, every day

Our 'shops' are open 24/7 and we ship worldwide.

Placing Orders

When you place an order with us you'll receive a confirmation email from us. You have the ability to see the status of your order at anytime. You'll receive an email telling you when the parts have been dispatched and yet another telling you the payment process is complete.

The UK's largest Independent Internet Parts Supplier

As a result of our experience our Peugeot website is recognised as the UK's largest independent Internet based supplier of Peugeot parts and our Jaguar website is the UK's largest supplier of new and used Jaguar parts. All of the other websites are growing in terms of turnover and all are consistently in the top listings on the entire relevant search engines.

Despite our success, we are continually striving to improve so your comments and suggestions are most welcome. As a family-owned company with a history stretching back many years, our values of reliability, honesty, consistency, and competitiveness remain central to our business ethic. We value all of our customers old and new. If you would like more information on any aspect of The Carr Parts Group Ltd or any of our trading divisions please email using this link.

Enabling Cookies

If the shopping cart does not display correctly or you have problems checking out then it is very likely that Cookies are not enabled in your browser. Cookies must be enabled for the Pug Shopping System to function correctly. To enable cookies on Internet Explorer 5 and 5.5

  1. Select Internet Options from the Tools dropdown menu on the main menu bar of your browser.
  2. Click on the Security tab and then click on Custom Level
  3. Make sure that the boxes are checked as per the screen shot opposite.
  4. Click on OK and return to the main browser window.
  5. Cookies are now enabled

To enable Cookies on Internet Explorer 6.0+

  1. Follow step 1 as per Internet Explorer 5 & 5.5 above then...
  2. Select the Privacy Tab from the menu displayed and make sure the slider is set to Medium.
  3. Click on the Advanced button and make sure that 'Overide automatic Cookie handling' is not checked (see screen shot below)
  4. Cookies are now enabled