High Performance Filters and Induction Kits

Induction Kits

The primary aim of a performance engine modification is to improve the volume of combustion mixture (fuel and air) entering the engine. A Green Filters induction kit does this in 2 ways:

1. The airflow into the inlet manifold is improved by using a less restrictive path
2. Airflow through the filter is improved by the nature of its design and high quality cotton gauze construction

Originating in France, Green Filters certainly know how to improve the induction system on French cars!

Features and Benefits
Improved engine breathing = more power
2. Neat and tidy installation means easier maintenance and better looks
3. Cleanable cotton gauze filter element - you never have to buy another air filter
4. Sportier induction noise under acceleration

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Green Air Filters
Induction Kit
Performance Replacement Filters
A Green Filters performance replacement filter retains all the benefits of the manufacturers induction system (eg. noise reduction and standard look), but gives:

- Indefinate life (cleanable cartridge element)
- Improved air flow

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Air Filters
Bespoke Performance Filters

A full range of filter boxes, cone filters and cylinder filters is available.

If you can't find a kit to fit your car, why not make one up using a Green filter. Just measure up the size you need and send details on an enquiry form for a price.

Be sure to specify the type of filter, length, diameter of base and top, inside diameter and length of flange:

Filter Dimensions

Air Boxes