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Citroen Performance

Xsara WRC
Citroen Performance Parts

Performance Camshafts
Kent manufacture the ultimate in performance camshafts and valvetrain components. Successful teams and engine buil
ders throughout Europe specify Kent Cams.
The ultimate in performance and reliability necessary to compete at the front comes from the precision engineered quality that is the standard with Kent. Precision engineering is the result of state-of-the-art technology. This, together with a comprehensive research and development program ensures Kent Cams products are always in the lead.

We recommend Kent Cams with all our performance cylinder heads. Whether for road or race, there is an extensive range of proven profiles for the Citroen 306. One-off steel camshafts are also available.
Kent Cam Kit
Performance Engine Components
We supply:
- Forged and cast pistons
- Cylinder liners
- Valves
- Valve Springs
- Vernier Pulleys
Engine Block
Performance Induction and Exhaust Systems
Performance is all about increasing the efficiency of your engine. A critical part of this process is selecting the best induction and exhaust systems. We can supply:
- Inlet manifolds
- Exhaust manifolds
- Carburettors
- Throttle bodies

Performance Induction Systems

Performance Exhaust Systems

Throttle Body Injection
If you do not find what you need, please complete our enquiry form and we will source the part for you.