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Terms and Conditions

The website is operated by the Carr Parts Group

Carr Parts Group Terms and Conditions

Thank you for using the web site. We are committed to providing excellent parts and services with great prices. We welcome any comments or suggestions on our web site and the services we provide. Please contact us at

‘We', ‘us', and ‘our' shall mean Carr Parts Group and its Directors. ‘You', ‘your' and ‘customer' shall mean the person buying the Goods or for whom the work is to be done. ‘Goods', ‘parts' or ‘items' shall mean the articles, things supplied or work undertaken by us pursuant to your order. ‘Online' transactions shall mean orders placed with us through the website. ‘Offline' transactions shall mean orders placed with us via email, telephone, fax, post and person-to-person. The definitions herein shall apply to any order or instructions given by you to us for online and offline transactions.

Terms & Conditions:
The terms and conditions set out below apply to all online transactions made through the website. The terms and conditions also apply to all offline transactions made with us. Please read through them carefully before placing your order or instructions and print a copy for future reference. Please also read our Data Protection section regarding personal information provided by you. We may change these terms and conditions from time to time without notice to you. Changes will apply to any subsequent orders received.

Delivery Charges and Estimated Timescales:
Delivery charges, estimated timescales and dates are specified in the Ordering & Delivery section of the website. We will also quote delivery charges, estimated timescales and dates in regards to offline transactions. We make every effort to deliver the Goods within the estimated timescales and dates. Any delivery date quoted is an anticipated date only and cannot be guaranteed by us. If we are not able to deliver the Goods by the anticipated date you shall not be entitled to repudiate, terminate or cancel your order after it has been placed with us. All Goods are subject to availability. In the event that we are unable to supply the Goods, we will inform you of this as soon as possible. We are in no circumstances responsible for any economic or consequential loss as a result of delayed delivery or non-delivery of the Goods.

In regards to online transactions the price you pay for the Goods is the price displayed on the website at the time we receive your order. In regards to offline transactions the price you pay for the Goods is the price quoted to you when placing your order offline. While we try and ensure that all prices on our website and all prices quoted for offline transactions are accurate, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of Goods you have ordered online or offline we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling it. If we are unable to contact you we will treat the order as cancelled. If we cancel your order and you have already paid for the Goods, you will receive a full refund. We are in no circumstances responsible for any economic or consequential loss as a result of delayed delivery or non-delivery of Goods due to pricing errors.

Payment can be made by any method specified in the Order & Delivery section of the website for online transactions and by any method agreed by us with you for offline transactions. Payments shall be made to us at the time of your order being placed with us unless otherwise agreed in writing. Goods will not be supplied to you on a sale or return basis. We will take all reasonable precautions to keep the details of your order and payment secure, but, unless we are negligent, we cannot be held liable for any economic or consequential loss caused as a result of unauthorised access to information provided by you.

Delivery Address:
Delivery to an address other than the payees address will be at our discretion.

Examination of the Goods:
You should carefully examine the Goods supplied by us, and notify us of any shortage, defect, or other failure to comply with your order within 48 hours of collecting or receiving them from us.

English Law:
The laws of England and Wales will govern the contract between us and you and any dispute between you and us will be resolved exclusively in the courts of England and Wales.

We offer the following money back guarantees:

A) New parts and accessories – 6 months
B) Used parts and accessories - 1 month
C) Work undertaken – 1 month
The guarantee is effective from the day you place your order with us for A) and B). The guarantee is effective from the date of completion of the work undertaken by us for C).
Goods used for racing, sprinting or racetrack use are excluded from the Guarantee. Normal wear and tear is also excluded. In the unlikely event that you receive any faulty or damaged Goods, please return the item(s) to us with a note of your name, contact details, invoice number (or a copy of your invoice) and reason for return.

Used Goods:
We will not in any circumstances provide refunds for used Goods if they are rejected on cosmetic grounds. In regards to online transactions we provide information on the web site to show if an item is brand new, reconditioned or used. In regards to offline transactions we will provide information as to the part being new or used. ‘Active' used items such as starter motors or engines are sold ‘as is' and supplied tested and working where relevant. ‘Static' used items such as panels may have marks or scratches, or minor damage. A static item supplied by us may need some form of repair work being undertaken by you or your repairer. We are in no way able to provide an estimate on labour or materials costs nor are we responsible for any costs you may incur in ensuring a used item is cosmetically acceptable to you. We are in no circumstances responsible for any economic or consequential loss as a result of any used items being rejected by you on cosmetic grounds or if you incur additional costs in order to make any used items cosmetically acceptable to you.

Limitations of Liability:
Any claim by you that the Goods do not, or work carried out by us does not, correspond with the functional description, should be made by you within 48 hours of their arrival or delivery. You shall not be entitled to reject the Goods after that period has expired. We shall in no circumstances be liable for any economic or other consequential loss if any item does not meet its functional description requirements.

Customer Instructions:
We undertake to supply the Goods on the basis of information supplied by, and on instructions from, you. You warrant the accuracy of the information and instructions and must ensure they are in no way misleading or incorrect. We shall be entitled to charge in full for all work done and for materials or goods supplied at such a rate, as we consider reasonable in the event an order is cancelled due to the wrong information or instructions being provided by you. It is extremely important that your information and instructions are correct.

Ordering & Delivery:
We make every effort to supply the correct parts and/or undertake the work from the description, instructions and vehicle specifications you provide. If an incorrect part that has been sent by us, or work undertaken by us, does not meet with the description, instructions and vehicle specifications you provided we will do our best to supply a correct replacement part or undertake corrective work as soon as possible. Where the correct part, or corrective work is not available you may, at our discretion, receive a refund if you have paid for the item or work. We are in no circumstances responsible for economic or consequential loss as a result of the supply of an incorrect part or any work undertaken by us not meeting the description, instructions or vehicle specifications supplied by you.

Refunds for correctly supplied Goods.
We may, at our discretion, agree to refund you for Goods we correctly supplied that you wish to return. In regards to the refund for any items correctly supplied by us which you wish to return we will deduct a handling fee of 20% of the total of the transaction invoice as well as the original courier or postage costs. The return of items correctly supplied by us will be at your cost. Refunds for items correctly supplied, which are returned, will be made after they have been received and examined by us. If the returned items are in any way damaged either by you or by your courier or postage service you will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever. Refunds for confirmed orders which are subsequently cancelled prior to dispatch, are subject to a merchant fee of 5%

UK Specification:
All Goods supplied by us are for UK specification vehicles unless otherwise stated. Some parts such as headlights and steering racks may not be suitable for non-UK vehicles. It is your responsibility to ensure the part you order suits the specification for your vehicle. If in doubt please contact us and provide us with a part number in order we can ensure we supply the correct or matching part for you vehicle.

Surcharged Goods:
Certain Goods we supply have a surcharge added. This surcharge is applied when your contract with us is for you to supply us with your original (often faulty) item after you have received a working part from us. Surcharges are highlighted on the web site. We will also tell you about a surcharge when you order parts offline. Postage and packing is your responsibility when returning parts for a refund of a surcharge.

Distance Selling Refund Policy:
Under the Distance Selling Regulations you have the right to cancel your order and receive a refund. This applies from the point that you placed your order up until seven days after receipt of the Goods we supplied to you.

To cancel your order you should write to us (see Contact Us for details) within seven days of receiving the Goods. Telephoning us to cancel your order is not sufficient.

We will refund your money within 30 days of your correspondence (stating your wish to cancel your order) being sent to us. We will deduct a handling fee of 20% of the total of the transaction invoice as well as the original courier or postage costs. You are responsible for the cost of returning the Goods to us.

Refunds may be made via the Worldpay secure payment system or through the Streamline facility. Monies will be returned only to the credit/debit card used for the order of the Goods. A refund by cheque will only be made for purchases made by cheque and will be issued to the original purchaser only. Cash refunds will not be made under any circumstances.

Information Provision:
Information provided in the web site or by email responses or verbally is for general guidance only. We take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date. However, we, for loss, damage or injury caused by any errors in, or omissions from, the information given, can accept no liability for economic or consequential loss as a result of the supply of any incorrect information provided by us.
Pictures provided for the product information or in any other area of the web site are for visual effect only and are not intended to assist in identifying the correct product.

Do not start work on a motor vehicle unless you have the correct tools, equipment and skills to do so. Please read instructions provided on the web site as well as those supplied with certain goods.

Links to External Web Sites:
The web site includes links to other external web sites. These are provided to help you find additional information quickly and easily. We accept no responsibility for the content of such web sites. Any comments or complaints about any of the links from our site should be e-mailed to

Data Protection:
Shopping with us offline and online will require you to provide us with your name and address and other relevant information. Personal information provided by you, and any other information relating to you will be held by us and if you have indicated your acceptance, may be used for marketing purposes, including market research, or occasionally shared with other organisations in regards to the prevention of fraud. We may also share your personal information with carefully selected third parties who may contact you for marketing purposes by mail, telephone or email. If you do not wish to be contacted please select 'no' when ordering or sending an enquiry when ordering through the website.

Credit and Debit card information:
If your transaction is made through the Worldpay system online please note that we do not receive or see any details of your credit or debit card. If your transaction is made offline and you have provided HBN or us with your credit or debit card details these are immediately destroyed through a secure means after the payment has been taken.  is a trading division of the Carr Parts Group.

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